July 13, 2008

The Democrats continue to oppose a trade deal with our (for the time being) staunch ally Columbia. As the New York Times explains:

If approved by Congress, it would open a new market for American produce and manufactured goods. Unlike other trade deals, it would not threaten American jobs, because imports from Colombia are already coming in nearly duty-free.

But Democrats oppose the bill because…they want more support (i.e, Government spending) for US workers. Soooo, Democrats purportedly want to help US workers by killing a deal that would make it easier for US-made goods to be sold abroad.

Then again, maybe that’s not the real reason:

Opposition to the Colombia deal is not rooted in organized labor’s fear of lost jobs, the issue behind unions’ opposition to past trade deals like Nafta. Rather, it is over the killings of labor advocates in more than two decades of Colombia’s long civil wars.

As this story states, however, since Uribe took office in 2002, “the number of killings of union members has dropped sharply….”

No matter – most Democrats are more concerned with keeping union bosses happy than in doing something that would actually benefit American workers.



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