Understand their pain.

December 2, 2008

Look at the pictures in this article (h/t – Hot Air) and remember that we are supposed to understand the frustration that drove the terrorists to do this.



Sarah Palin was ridiculed for pointing out that Russia is close to Alaska as evidence that she had spent some time thinking about foreign-policy issues. How simple-minded!

But that ridicule – surprise, surprise – applies only to Republicans. In an editorial today, the New York Times supports the presumed selection of Arizona governor Janet Napolitano to servce as secretary of homeland security, which oversees immigration. Why would Governor Napolitano be such a good choice for this slot? Because, the paper-of-record explains, “[a]s governor of a border state, Ms. Napolitano knows the landscape intimately.


Man of the People

December 2, 2008

Obama is buying his wife a $30,000 ring.

If he were a Republican, he might be accused of hypocrisy – especially during these tough, economic times….