The One is Not Up to The Job.

March 28, 2009

For both of my readers out there, I apologize for the dearth of blogging the last few months – especially given all the red meat supplied by The One. As many of the “smart set” are starting to realize, President Obama is not quite what he said he was. Who could have predicted?

Jennifer Rubin gets it exactly right:

[T]here is an element of managerial incompetence [in Obama’s performance so far], but the real issue is that the Right was correct about Obama: he’s an ultra-liberal at least on domestic policy, not a pragmatic centrist either on policy or in style. His mode of governance — denigrate the opposition, engage in ad hominem attacks, refuse to compromise on substantive policy, disguise radical policy intentions with a haze of meaningless rhetoric — bespeaks someone supremely confident in his ideological views and undaunted by fears (which are slowly creeping up on his Red state colleagues) of having overshot his mandate.


One Response to “The One is Not Up to The Job.”

  1. spiritualway Says:

    If I had read this quote of Rubin’s one year ago I would have thought she was speaking to Pres. Bush and the Republicans.

    I do agree there has been (or is) a degree of early incompetence. It would be easy to consider Pres. Obama to be “not quite what he said he was”, but only in thinking about the very short-term.

    At this point, I still believe Pres. Obama is thinking long-term but has to take some very short-term actions to create a degree of stability in our markets. I do not agree with all of these actions for sure especially in stabilizing the banking and financial sector of our economy.

    My view is we are moving away from two generations of unsustainable “growth” (much of it pure speculation) and Pres. Obama happens to be one of the catalysts to the move. I always keep in mind he is the political catalyst, but he will not be the only “mover and shaker” in this change in our culture. All of us will play some part in this change especially if we engage.

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