Liberals and Taxes.

April 1, 2009

Victor Davis Hanson explains what we should take away from all of the “unintended” tax mistakes made by Democrats:

[T]he lesson is that all these nominees belong to precisely the class that we’ve heard over the last two years “made out like bandits,” and should “spread the wealth,” and need to “level the playing field,” and “were the beneficiaries of the Bush tax cuts” and should be “patriotic” in paying “their fair share.”

So there is a real ethical crisis among the liberal elite who, we are learning for the nth time, suffer the additional wage of hypocrisy, by calling for higher taxes on the upper-middle-class (often punctuated by self-serving qualifiers that they themselves are willing to pay more in taxes), only to scheme to find ways to cut down their tax liability contrary to the law.

The tragedy is that moralists like Daschle, Geithner, Solis, etc. have far more access to tax lawyers and are far less likely to pay the consequences when caught than the putative “rich” that the liberal left, for the last year, has so cavalierly trashed.

Of course, that Daschle et al. had access to, and relied on, tax lawyers demonstrates how unlikely it is that the failure to pay taxes was “unintentional.”

In any event, the larger question is – Why do rich liberals use tax lawyers in the first place? That is, why do wealthy liberals seek to reduce their taxable income? Why do they claim any deductions? Why – if the rich should pay more – don’t rich liberals simply calculate their gross income and pay the prevailing tax rate? After all, since they are “rich,” they obviously don’t need a tax break.


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