Has The One finished apologizing?

April 7, 2009

Bret Stephens called the President’s Euro-trek Obama’s Unreality Tour for all of the inane posturing concerning foreign policy.

The President seems to believe that his election – and the supposed more reasonable, less arrogant approach to foreign policy spawned thereby – will soothe the countries of the world into shedding their national interests.

The rest of the world seems to have a different view. To cite just a few examples: Russia, contrary to the cease-fire it agreed to, refuses to remove troops from Georgia; Iran continues to press ahead with its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons – apparently with China’s help; and North Korea launches a missile over Japan hours before Obama delivered a speech in Prague.

Obama will be president of the United States for (at most) eight years. Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, etc., on the other hand, have been around for a long, long time, and their national interests will still exist when Obama is gone. Perhaps – just perhaps – these countries have a view of things slightly longer than The One’s presidency.


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