Restoring our standing in the world.

April 22, 2009

At the recent Summit of the Americas, President Obama yukked it up with socialist thug Hugo Chavez, accepting from Chavez an anti-American book, and failed to respond to Marxist thug Daniel Ortega’s 50-minute anti-American speech.

Eugene Robinson opines that President Obama should have acted upset:

My argument isn’t that Obama should try to be someone he’s not. It’s that he’s declining to use one of the tools at his disposal. As public anger over the U.S. bank bailouts was rising, a well-timed burst of presidential outrage might have allowed him to get out in front of it.

Obama was right to show respect for the leaders of neighboring countries big and small at the Summit of the Americas. Those who were not gracious enough to show respect for him deserved to be given – metaphorically, of course, and in the spirit of hemispheric cooperation – the back of the presidential hand.

I guess actually being upset at such anti-American venom is too much to ask of the President of the United States of America.

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