Obama the moderate.

May 3, 2009

According to the New York Times, President Obama is a moderate who will pick a moderate to replace Justice Shouter:

In interviews, former colleagues and students say they have a fairly strong sense of the kind of justice he will favor: not a larger-than-life liberal to counter the conservative pyrotechnics of Justice Antonin Scalia, but a careful pragmatist with a limited view of the role of courts.

Leaving aside the swipe at Justice Scalia, I must ask – why does everyone still believe that Obama is a moderate? What has he done to deserve that description? His budget proposals will $6.5 trillion to the debt over and above the debt that would have existed if current policies were kept in place, he has partly nationalized banks and car companies, he wants to nationalize health care, and he spent two weeks recently genuflecting to dictators and apologizing for America’s purported sins. Yet we hear over and over that he is a moderate.

It’s all nonsense, as Mark Steyn wrote recently, “The theater of thoughtfulness is critical to the president’s success. He has the knack of appearing moderate while acting radical, which is a lethal skill.”

So while I hope that the president picks a moderate for the court, I’ll believe it when I see it.


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